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Lifestyles Inventory Essays

Ways of life Inventory Essays Ways of life Inventory Essay Ways of life Inventory Essay Individual Thinking Styles The Life Styles Inventory (LSI) was intended to help survey adequacy seeing someone at work and bolster the improvement of relational aptitudes. This â€Å"road map† to self improvement was the brainchild of Dr. Clayton Lafferty. This study of inquiries estimates 12 key reasoning styles, that are respected to advance execution change and improve individual comprehension of how our reasoning influences our conduct. The 12 styles are classified into three general groups: Constructive, which incorporates Achievement, Self-Actualizing, Humanistic-Encouraging, and Affinitive reasoning styles, Passive/Defensive, which incorporates Approval, Conventional, Dependent, and Avoidance thinking styles; Aggressive/Defensive, which incorporates Oppositional, Power, Competitive, and Perfectionist thinking styles. I should concede, I was very reluctant about doing another self assessment as they now and again don't precisely reflect who you realize that yourself will generally be. All things considered, who realizes you better than you do? All things considered, the motivation behind this activity was to assist me with finding how my reasoning styles might straightforwardly impact my conduct as a director and could be an extraordinary resource in my undertakings for headway. Essential and Backup Thinking Styles After taking this self evaluation, my circumplex shows the two styles with the best impacts falls under the Constructive style and Passive/Defensive Patterns as showed in Figure 1. It centers in around my essential reasoning style is Humanistic-Encouraging (1 o’clock position) and my back up speculation style is being Dependent (5 o’clock position). Humanistic-Encouraging Style I can relate to the Humanistic-Encouraging style since it depicts who I am in both my expert and individual life. This style gauges our enthusiasm for individuals, our inclination to think about others, and our capacity to acknowledge without others without analysis. It is hopeful about what individuals can accomplish and can move and inspire individuals around them. I have consistently been truly worried about individuals throughout my life and I generally need to concentrate on how I can assist them with developing and build up their aptitudes. I see potential where different administrators don't see and bolster yearnings that nobody else thinks exist in individuals. I can’t help yet support others. It is basically who I am. Subordinate Style I to some degree can't help contradicting the reinforcement being Dependant as I don't accept this style of reasoning is a genuine delineation of the manner in which I think or consider myself to be an entirety. This style quantifies how much we feel our endeavors don't check. This kind of conduct gets from a requirement for security and self insurance. Individuals who fall under this style regularly feel powerless with next to no influence over their lives. They need sense of pride and consistently need to satisfy others. This part couldn't possibly be more off-base about who I am. In any case, it makes reference to that needy style individuals are aloof which I am, and here and there have a trouble settling on hard choices. A ton of this has to do with abrupt changes or hampered in our life. The last can be discovered more comparable to my individual life and less expert. Restricting Style It was difficult to figure out which style is constraining my adequacy from taking a gander at the diagram. The conspicuous is select Oppositional; nonetheless, says that I a forceful and like to contend would negate me â€Å"Dependent nature of lack of involvement. I chose to go with is Conventional Style. This style I feel is generally restricting in that being inactive, makes me need to just mix in and accommodate despite the fact that my heart says I was made to stick out. The measure that best depicts me is â€Å"the distraction of seeming ordinary and unchallenged obedience†. ( review server2. com/lsiuniversity-sso/rpt4. sp) This style is generally hard for me since it isn't who I am by and by, yet expertly it talks truth. Originating from an administrative situation to that of a subordate job at my present place of employment had a sensational effect on me. I have adjusted and fit in with the states of the way of life in my office since it is by all accounts the most effortless approach to stay utilized in this organization. I have watched associate be ended for expressing t heir real thoughts or having diverse of sentiments from that of our immediate report who is new to this job and needs to flex her capacity. It is debilitating and demoralizing for me. This is a style that should be tended to. Effect on Management Style Most of my life, I have fruitful in keep up balance between my own and expert life. Be that as it may, as we as a whole know, they cover and are entwined. Our administration styles whether positive or negative mirror our capacity to lead other. To be a compelling supervisor you should have the four fundamental administration capacities: 1) the capacity to Plan; 2) Organize; 3) Lead; and 4) Control. Arranging I am not enthusiastic about dawdling, so arranging is essential to me. I have to know the why, when, how, what to produce an arrangement and successfully execute it. There is consistently that need to set up an objective and a game plan to achieve this. This is a procedure that must be seen all the way to the finish. Sorting out No arrangement effective arrangement can be executed with appropriate association. As a director it is basic to have the option to sort out the arrangement for which an objective has been set. Association is expansive. For me, as long as there is where it is close to home or in my expert condition, I deliberately set up assets, which will best proficient approach to achieve the strategy I set up. Lead Not every person can lead or has the ability to do as such. Here and there individuals get lead and oversaw confounded. In any case, utilizing basic mandates set for individuals to follow is the thing that has consistently worked for me. I have consistently had the option to impact my representatives since I show others how its done. I never attempted to oversee or utilize capacity to have my direction or power something to be finished. Driving is powerful. Control is tied in with ensuring arrangements and procedures are in accordance with the objectives and items you have. I think for me, it needs to consistently ensure everything is near flawlessness. So that requires occasionally observing advancement, returning to basic issues and conversing with everybody include for input and their feelings on whatever we are attempting to achieve. I don’t truly see control as being in control; it is all the more so simply ensuring everything goes smooth. Beginning of Personal Style My own style is the sort of person I am. It was characterized by my character, my qualities, my background, good examples, instruction and trainings. Through an incredible span, my family’s legacy, nature I experience childhood in and even the individuals I kept near me all influenced who I am today. My qualities grew more and as I get more established. I keep on holding in high respect characteristics like modesty, regard which I was educated as a kid. Experiencing childhood in the West Indies, it was consistently about regard, having estates and knowing your place. I heard the Proverb’ â€Å"Children ought to be seen and not heard† a greater number of times than I could recollect. Yet, it put all things considered, it caused me to understand, that there was a period and a spot for everything. I generally need to loan some assistance regardless of the expense. Realizing when to support bad form and realizing which fight to fit since we can’t win them all. I was consistently somewhat timid and uninvolved growing up, yet had huge dreams and a considerably greater heart. My granddad would consistently ask me, â€Å"Why do you generally attempt to fit in when you were made to stand out†. He alongside my whole family has been my motivation for my life and has help shape who I am. From that point forward, I have settled on it an actual existence decision that in whatever I do, to be it individual or expert, I need to sparkle. I joined Toastmasters at a youthful age to help deal with my timidity which permitted me to arrive at profound inside myself discover the certainty and quality covered up. I turned out to be progressively dynamic in understudy governments and youth establishments where I started to see who I needed to be; A pioneer. I worked in an Industry where individuals were my business and discovered new regard and quality in good faith. I loathe individuals who are egotistical and have no empathy for others just as a result of their position. I never gave a lot of consideration to accomplishments as I do to character. This is the place I discover esteem. End and Reflection The motivation behind this activity was to find how figuring styles may impact my conduct as a director. No administration style is the equivalent, great or fits each circumstance. What I may see as a solid administration style to have, may possibly be opposing of what the other staff figures it ought to be. Regardless of anything else, my essential style Humanistic-Encouraging examples, I can't disprove this hypothesis. I guarantee it gladly in light of the fact that I wear this style each day. It has enabled me to create others and assist them with developing without the requirement for acknowledgment. I take a lot of satisfaction in realizing that I have energized, or improve the personal satisfaction whether expertly or by and by for my representatives. Not every person can say that and it is shown in the gratefulness the show towards me. Despite the fact that the Dependent style was my back up, I didn't discover anything significant that identified with me. A touch of worry to a great extent, changes in organization proprietorship and professional stability issues might be the reason for the score in this. Be that as it may, absence of sense of pride is certainly not who I am. I would prefer to concentrate on Conventional style as of late in my expert life, I have take a rearward sitting arrangement a long way from the solid voice that continued a rule of adulation during one of my talks. I have adjusted if just to get along. Be that as it may, this isn't the best approach to accomplish my objectives. I need to have the option to be me; A lady once so certain and ready to go the mile. I need to by and by be suc

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Sustainability Accounting Systems and Information Assurance

Question: Examine about the Sustainability Accounting Systems and Information Assurance. Answer: Presentation The accompanying examination expresses the frameworks documentation just as the hazard investigation systems of JK Saddlery. It assesses the noteworthiness of setting and level DFD just as the procedure map in guaranteeing powerful business activity. JK Saddlery fabricates saddler too a country supplies to nearby providers and sightseers. The business element favors the customary method of selling products and offers merchandise to the nearby providers. The products are sold through acknowledge just as the money deals of merchandise. In the ongoing years the firm has been accomplishing significant money inflow. In any case, the brand has utilized just a solitary clerk in recording the money related exchange for gathering money and credit installments for providers. In this way, Hall (2012) noticed that there stays significant hazard identifying with controlling of money related information just as the misappropriation of assets. The investigation distinguishes these dangers and offers the control measures to conquer dangers that represent a danger to the business supportability of the venture. Frameworks Documentation Figure 1: Context Diagram (Source: Created by creator) Figure 2: Logical Diagram (Source: Created by creator) The setting just as the level DFD shows the operational strategies of the business endeavor. There are three Stages in the specific circumstance and level DFD in the business association that incorporates the Process request, Cyber back just as the execution of the merchandise. Accordingly, this cycle is finished through the accompanying stages: Requisition of merchandise, getting ready Sales request, and executing products to the customer. As indicated by Geerts et al. (2013), these three phases will guarantee fruitful culmination of the business request. In such manner, it very well may be expressed that the market and the operational strategies of the business undertaking will be resolved through the execution of the business request in the business association. The above setting and the DFD charts will help the buyers in the dynamic procedure. All things considered, the unique situation and the DFD outline will help the administration of the Business element to execute applicable business operational and showcasing methodologies to make the business system progressively compelling. Be that as it may, the execution and release of the products is a confounded strategy that is subject to deals demand request just as the improvement of the business demand request of the business substance. In such manner, it very well may be expressed that DFD graph is an oversimplified at this point inventive method that can help the business element to execute smoother deals activities. The consistent and DFD system is certainly not a bound together strategy and change as indicated by the business portion the business association is right now working. The business procedure mapping states the natural business structure that is executed in the business association. Figure 3: Process Map (Source: Created by creator) The above procedure map portrays the business system followed in the business association. The receipt installment in the merchandise would be assessed to comprehend that it meets the pertinent compliances and the essential rules in the business association. The operational office will look at every one of the merchandise that will be sold by the providers. Accordingly, if any great doesn't coordinate with the necessities of the purchasers it will be appropriately come back to the provider. The above procedure mama expresses the absolute deals method that can be followed in the business association that would add to the operational abilities of JK Saddlery. Hazard Analysis There are inborn dangers existing inside the budgetary structure of the business association. On account of JK Saddlery, a manual procedure is executed in the business association in recording the money exchanges just as the assortment of assets. From the contextual analysis it tends to be set up that the chronicle of the money exchanges is a confounded method and can require impressive time. Along these lines, this can adversy affect the execution of the budgetary systems for the business element. The clerks work includes a ton of complexities. In such manner, Messier (2016) noticed a blunder from the business receipt request could prompt inconsistencies in the all out deals system and the assortment of assets in the business association. Absence of work force in the HR of the business association is one of the qualities behind the monetary dangers in the association. The clerk of the business association handles the whole monetary viewpoint. In this manner, the activity job isn't assigned into the different elements of the association. Accordingly, the administration of the business association needs to take the vital measures so the entire account division isn't reliant on any single individual. JK Saddlery has conveyed predictable business exhibitions over some stretch of time, which has brought about reliable deals income over a period. Accordingly, Collier (2015) noticed that these colossal measures of money exchanges must be assessed in a concentrated way so that there is no inconsistency in the monetary exchanges of the business substance. Careful duty installments for the business undertaking can be another issue if the money related exchanges are not controlled in a proper way. Bebbington et al. (2014) expressed that the significant outcomes of erroneous budgetary evaluation would prompt the wastage of the monetary assets of the element. Likewise, this can bring about the ascent in the operational costs of the business substance. Other than this, there is no inside inspecting methodology that is followed in the business association. Along these lines, there is no steady checking of the money related methodology followed in the business association. All things considered, this is one of the fundamental shortcomings present in the money related arrangement of the business association. Along these lines, this is a significant hazard present in the operational strategies of the business endeavor and can have an effect on the money related state of the business element. The installments got by the mail will must be assessed in a profundity way to forestall any sort of duplication. Copied checks will must be investigated to be forestall any sort of money related misfortunes or terrible obligation for the business substance. Likewise, the financial approaches in the business element must be assessed in deciding the operational systems of the business substance. As indicated by Simons (2013), the financial systems in the business substance will contains existing disparities that outcomes in deferral of the chronicle of the assets. Executing an inward review office in the association will help the business substance to screen the inflow and surge of money in the association. Other than this, Zadek et al. (2013) expressed that the business association must enroll accounts staff in the business association to quickly enlist accounts proficient in the business association to build genuineness of the fund exchanges. Moreover, the business element will need to survey the monetary state of the business element for the advancement of the association objectives and the destinations. The brand needs to receive successful bookkeeping programming for fast account of the budgetary exchanges of the business element. In such manner, it tends to be said that the bookkeeping virtual products will help in doing money related investigation of the association. Strategies like proportion investigation and planning procedures of the association will help the business association in surveying the money related situation of the association and reacting fittingly for authoritative development. In the current time, the shopper purchasing process is manual and no accentuation on innovation. Along these lines, it is fundamental that the purchasing procedure is re-improved in guaranteeing smoother business tasks. Geerts et al. (2013) expressed that the buyer needs to invest less energy for the installment of bills that would diminish the group in the business substance. End It very well may be expressed that JK Saddlery will have numerous issues in existing cashiering position of the business. This remembers there are a few specialized complexities for the money related activities of the business element. In that capacity, the administration of the business substance needs to react fittingly to outline the vital budgetary procedures and arrangements to help the business element in address the issues identified with the chronicle of money related exchanges and gathering money for the business association. On the off chance that such issues are not survived, these elements will prompt ascent in the operational costs of the business substance. The frameworks documentation in the association expresses the absolute procedures engaged with the operational procedures of the business association. These incorporate apparatuses like E-trade, digital check and the delivery or the execution of merchandise. With regards to DFD and intelligent chart, the brand will n eed to make the strides like deals demand, creating deals request and eventually executing the products to the customers, The interior inspecting apparatuses of the association would help the business association in guaranteeing realness and straightforwardness in the books of records in the association. Other than this, the association needs to enlist more workforces in the records and account division to guarantee more noteworthy coordination among the association during the business system. In such manner, it very well may be expressed that the administration of the business undertaking needs to choose the proper bookkeeping programming that will satisfy the necessities of the association. References Bebbington, J., Unerman, J. what's more, O'Dwyer, B., 2014. Manageability bookkeeping and responsibility. Routledge. Collier, P.M., 2015. Representing directors: Interpreting bookkeeping data for dynamic. John Wiley Sons. Demski, J., 2013. Administrative employments of bookkeeping data. Springer Science Business Media.

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Whatever Happens Happens for the Best

Whatever Happens, Happens for the Best Once upon a period there was an elderly person called Bob, who lived alone in a town. He would continue on ahead alone, even in his mature age. He was a pleasant, well disposed man who was preferred by all the individuals in the town. Sway had just a single child and he moved to a school far away from the town. Numerous individuals in the town consistently felt frustrated about Bob, they realized he should be forlorn. The townspeople would consistently inquire as to whether his child could ever return. To every one of them, Bob would consistently say, â€Å"Whatever occurs, occurs for the great. At some point, the old man’s child came back to the town. The whole town was extremely cheerful for Bob, and a ton of locals approached praise him. Like consistently, the elderly person was considerate. He expressed gratitude toward every one of them for coming over and stated, â€Å"Whatever occurs, occurs for the great. † A couple of day s had spent, when one day, Bob’s child tumbled off a horse’s back and broke his leg. By and by the whole town approached Bob’s house to visit his child. What's more, by and by the elderly person expressed gratitude toward them for their consideration and stated, â€Å"Whatever occurs, occurs for the great. A portion of the residents were astounded to hear this and considered what great could there be in a messed up leg. A couple of days after the fact, a little armed force of the neighborhood ruler went to the town and made all the youthful sound men join the military. At the point when they came to Bob’s house they discovered his child with a messed up leg. So they abandoned him. By and by, all the locals went to the old man’s house to salute him for his good karma. What's more, as usual, the elderly person expressed gratitude toward them for their consideration and stated, â€Å"Whatever occurs, occurs for the great.

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Homeless Veterans - Free Essay Example

People go to war and some come home and some do not come home, but the ones that do come back are not always the same. Some come back to nothing and some come back to find things have changed. Some cannot go back to their old lives because of mental illnesses, physical illnesses and some people just change. The men and women that go through and see the things they do have a hard time coping with those things that they do and see. They try and make that stuff they went through go away by drinking and doing drugs, and they get addicted to them From the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, they say that seventy percent of veterans have substance abuse. Sometimes thats the only thing that gets them through the day. They go through so many things like killing people, watching their brothers and sisters die beside them or getting hurt themselves in the line of duty and many more things that we could not imagine going through. Those things can be hard to go through and some people never come back from it. So, when they go home, they sometimes end up on the streets because their families cannot handle them like that or they spend all their money on drinks and drugs and lose their house, and some are addictions can come from after they get back with physical, or mental disorders. With physical disorders like TBI (traumatic brain injury), a leg or arm loss, eye or hearing loss from a bomb going off. These can be very big life-changing events in someones life and can change someone not just physically but mentally too. Sometimes they do not have the money for all the surgerys that come with it and all the physical therapy that they have to do after surgery to get better, and some of them do not have that money and they cannot get a job to pay for all those bills and they end up on the streets. PTSD can cause you to be stressed all the time and sometimes they do not get over it. It can cause a person to get violent at times and some think they are back at war. A study at Yale University showed,sixty-three percent of male homeless veterans and seventy-seven percent of female homeless veterans have PTSD. Some get over it and some do not. Many times, it can change a person and their families cannot handle their disorders. Ways that a family will split up can be from money problems that come with the medical treatments, the behaver from the PTSD, the substance abuse, and the lack of support the family gives. This can all lead to veterans going homeless. People would not disagree with veterans being put on the streets but some do not take action and help them. all talk but no show, is what some people would call it. People might not think it is right for veterans to be homeless but what are they doing about it, nothing. If people just did something like donating money or clothes , help build houses or something little because a little can go a long way. In conclusion, the veterans need help, they do not belong on the streets of the country they fought so hard to keep safe, and some even lost their lives for us. We need to our part to the country and help the ones we sent off to war. Some come back broken and scared and they do not need to, they go through a lot from addiction to mental and physical disorders or come home a changed and not the same person they once were. Works Cited Linkddl. Counter Hit Xanga, Lennard, Natasha. Majority of Homeless Iraq and Afghanistan Vets Have PTSD. Salon,, 4 Dec. 2012,

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The Human Condition Freedom Expropriated by Corporations...

The Human Condition: Freedom Expropriated by Corporations Arendts ideas in The Human Condition have laid the foundation on which American society is grounded, and are particularly useful for looking at America today. American citizens have been displaced from the Arendtian model of the modern age. The American government has lost its freedom by having been expropriated from the realm of freedom in the vita activa. Capitalism and large corporations now wield the most power and economic influence in America today. This explanation has become increasingly more appropriate in describing the role of oil corporations in America, in light of the actions America has taken since the September 11 terrorist attacks. Freedom, as†¦show more content†¦Only those candidates with enough financial support can seriously contend for a seat in any elected government position. President George W. Bush for example raised and spent over 40 million dollars in the 2000 Presidential Primaries alone. The growing power wielded by private interests has enormous economic consequences. However, the greatest impact may be political, as corporations transform economic clout into political power; many operating today have gained so much economic and political power that they are now entering the world of international diplomacy. American foreign policy towards the Middle East revolves around oil interests. The U.S. has attempted to maintain stability between nations such as Palestine, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran in order to protect the flow of imported oil from the Middle East. The September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have undermined U.S. attempts at stability in the Middle East, by demonstrating to the world that America is in fact vulnerable, while at the same time symbolically proving to other Middle Eastern nations that they do not have to be taken advantage of by America. President Bush has since declared a war on terrorism, in which the financial assets of terrorist groups have been frozen, economic sanctions have been imposed on countries harboring terrorist factions, and US military forces are not engaged in active conflict in Afghanistan. TheShow MoreRelatedNew Relations With Cub A Historic Mistake2064 Words   |  9 Pagestalks. This process was accomp lished with the help of Pope Francis who acted as an intermediary and ambassador of peace between both nations. The only condition of the Obama administration to continue with this process was a prisoner swap between both countries. Even though Obama has concerns about human rights violations and the lack of democratic freedoms in Cuba, neither of these concerns were addressed during meetings as part of these new relations. In the 2016 election year, the normalizationRead MorePolitical Risk Management and Insurance: A Contextual Comparison12751 Words   |  51 Pagessituation in a region or an area. Political environment in an area is greatly affected by the politics of the area, financial environment and also human right situation in a place. Countries with unstable economies tend to have lots of civil unrest and investing in such area exposes a company to lots of political risks. It is also a risk operating in areas with human rights violation. Difference between a multinational company and a local company Although these two companies may be dealing in the sameRead MoreThe Niger Delta Struggles: Its Implications for Resource Control.17990 Words   |  72 Pagesminorities of the oil-rich Niger Delta have protested against the exploitation and pollution of their lands and waters by international oil companies operating in partnership with the Nigerian state oil company – the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Notable among the social movements and ethnic minority organisations that embarked upon a national and international campaign against the state-oil partnership in the 1990s was the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP), led byRead MoreAgency Theory Essay 329591 Words   |  119 Pageswhich governance research relies. A variety of comments may underscore that view. Bratton (2001; see also Bratton, 1989) described Berle and Means impact on legal scholarship as a paradigm that dominated the field and their book. The Modern Corporation and Private Pro perty, as a singular event in the last century of academic corporate law (p. 739). Shapiro suggested that agency theory represents a new Zeitgeist and the dominant institutional logic of corporate governance (Shapiro, 2005,Read MoreDoing Business in the Asia/Pacific Rim Region31325 Words   |  126 PagesForeign Exchange Control There are no foreign exchange controls in Australia. Leading Industries Agribusiness, Manufacturing, Energy, Mining, Financial Services, Tourism, Research Development. Australian Workplace Relations Australian corporations fall within the scope of the Fair Work Act of 2009, which comes into effect in stages throughout 2009 and 2010. The Fair Work Act establishes â€Å"Fair Work Australia† - a one-stop shop with broad jurisdiction to exercise functions and powers includingRead MoreWalmart vs Carrefour26545 Words   |  107 Pageshistorical documentary review and analysis, for this qualitative research to study each case. In China’s retail market, the competition is intensive and market conditions are evolving. To capture greater market share in this market, Wal-Mart and Carrefour adapted their strategies to cater local customers as well as economic and political conditions. Although Wal-Mart and Carrefour in the same market environment, there are still differences between the strategies adopted by each giant retailer. ThereforeRead MoreCommercial Liens - a Potent Weapon Essay32374 Words   |  130 PagesBuild Freedom staff | |[with acknowledgments and credit to Alfred Adask (Publisher of AntiShyster magazine), Richard Boalbey, David | |DeReimer, and the various lien authors, for providing some of the content] | |(Applicable To The U.S.A.; Adaptable For Some Other Countries) | |Common Law Copyright, 1995 by Build Freedom Holdings

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Synthesis From The Law Of Conservation Of Energy - 1470 Words

introduction A thermodynamic cycle consists of a sequence of multiple thermodynamic processes that encompass the transfer of heat and work into and out of the system. This process can have many variables within the system including pressure, temperature. (, n.d.)The cycle ends with the system returning to its initial state. The first law of thermodynamics is simply an adaption from the law of conservation of energy but is slightly changed to encompass the differences. (, n.d.) This law when put simply states that the change in energy within the system is directly proportional to the difference of the heat input to the system and the workout put of the system. (, n.d.)This gives the following equation: ∆U=Q-W Where; ∆U is the change in internal energy of the sytem Q is the amount of energy added to the system through heat W is the amount of energy lost due to work done by the sytem Power cycles Thermodynamic power cycles are the origin of the operation of heat engines which supply a majority of the world electric power and also run a majority of motor vehicles. These power cycles can be put into one of two categories; real cycles and ideal cycles. (, n.d.) Real cycles are those found within the real world and as quite difficult to analyse due to the presence of complicating factors such as friction. To allow ease of design and analysis, ideal cycles were created; these ideal models allowed engineers to study the major limitationsShow MoreRelatedChemical Reaction : Chemical Reactions948 Words   |  4 Pagesatoms are formed or broken.† The substance that goes into a chemical reaction is the reactant, and the substances produced produced at the end of the reaction are known as products. Chemical reactions are all around us constantly occurring, anything from a candle burning to the rusting on a fence are examples of a chemical reaction. Chemical reactions can be noticed by Chemical Change some example of chemical change are change in temperature, change in color, bubbles, precipitate, light, and odor.Read MoreChemical Reactions. . A Chemical Reaction Is A â€Å"Chemical1009 Words   |  5 Pagesatoms are formed or broken.† The substance that goes into a chemical reaction is the reactant, and the substances produced produced at the end of the reaction are known as products. Chemical reactions are all around us constantly occurring, anything from a candle burning to the rusting on a fence are examples of a chemical reaction. Chemical reactions can be noticed by Chemical Change some example of chemical change are change in temperature, change in color, bubbles, precipitate, light, and odor.Read MoreModule 4 DBA notes966 Words   |  4 Pagesformation of a substance in a different state (for example, a solid from the mixing of two liquids) Chemical equations: a representation, using formulas and symbols, of a chemical reaction. Reactants: The substances that are present at the beginning and undergo a chemical reaction. Products: The new substances that are formed or produced by a chemical reaction. (reactantsïÆ'  products) -(aq) for aqueous solution Law of Conservation of Mass: Matter is neither created nor destroyed during an ordinaryRead MoreBiography Of Leopold s A Sand County Almanac Essay1571 Words   |  7 Pagesfor food or the history of a tree. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word â€Å"conserve† as to, â€Å"protect (something, especially something of environmental or cultural importance) from harm or destruction† (â€Å"Conserve†). Once we are able to appreciate nature, we become more aware of the importance of conservation. When you do not care about nature, it is easy to overuse and mistreat it in such a way that it harms the environment. On the contrary, if one is able to truly appreciate nature, he orRead MoreThe Six Branches Of Chemistry1482 Words   |  6 Pagesproductive and efficient processes, characterizes new compounds and materials, and helps other researchers extract useful knowledge from mountains of data. use mathematical algorithms, statistics, and large databases to i ntegrate chemical theory and modeling with experimental observations, design experiments and new materials, bind a new drug molecule or create models of synthesis reactions to demonstrate the effects of kinetics and thermodynamics on the amount and kinds of product, pharmaceutical industryRead MoreA Brief Introduction to the Pinch Analysis930 Words   |  4 Pagesproduction, limitation of global energy supply, and the realities of environmental conservation are an enduring concern for all industries. Wherever you turn, there’s another entreaty to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment for posterity. Pinch analysis is a tools used to design a heat exchanger networks (HEN) that reduce the energy usage. This paper will be about brief introduction for the pinch analysis, application of the second law of thermodynamics in design heatRead MoreIs Roller Coaster Designed By Physical Principles?1586 Words   |  7 Pagesphysics principles like Newton s Law s and Conservation of energy. In this way, the design of roller coasters is converted into a scientific problem that could be measured and calculated. This essay will roundly discuss the relations between the design of roller coaster and physical principles in three separate sections. The first section is Theoretical Research, where I will split the motion, explain the force change and energy change mathematically by physical laws. In the second part Modeled ResearchRead MoreCritique of Nicolas Maxwell’s Aim-Oriented Empiricism2252 Words   |  10 PagesEmpiricism In his paper, â€Å"Popper, Kuhn, Lakatos and Aim-Oriented Empiricism,† Nicholas Maxwell proposes the latest version of his conception of natural science, which he calls aim-oriented empiricism (AOE). Maxwell states that AOE â€Å"is a kind of synthesis of the views of Popper, Kuhn, and Lakatos, but is also an improvement over the views of all three.†(181) It is Maxwell’s conception of aim-oriented empiricism (hereafter referred to as AOE) that this paper is addressed to. There are two centralRead More Pollution and Environment Essay - We Must Find a Balance Between Man and Nature1630 Words   |  7 Pagesnature. Though nature is not the quintessence that many believe, it is nonetheless valuable to humans. For me, nature is any part of the world not directly controlled by humanity. Two concepts regarding nature frequently arise. The refined view from the prosperous city dwellers presents nature as a majestic landscape of imposing mountains and elegant terrain. The other, more common view is that nature no longer exists; instead, it is a symbol of uncertainties and dangers that needs to be tailoredRead MoreCellular Respiration2544 Words   |  11 PagesGlycolysis — Prep Reaction — Krebs Cycle (Citric Acid Cycle) — Electron Transport Chain — Fermentation — The Ingredients — You already know what is needed for Cellular Respiration Food + Oxygen Carbon Dioxide+ Water +ENERGY! C6H12O6 + O2 CO2 +H2O + ATP — Redox Reactions (the shuffling of electrons) †¢ Most of the reactions involved in the process are possible because of the redox reaction of NAD, an electron carrier †¢ Oxidation – a reaction in which a substance

Short Story for Phosphorus Cycle free essay sample

Vicmar Verra Jerome Arcilla Gideon Moronia Christian Bernales Janine Castillo Krishafe Sanchez Tresha Camille Diola Jun Se Jeong The Unexpected Journey Once upon a time, in a faraway place, there live a man named Jack who lives in a common. He was so very poor that he got his living through planting in his small backyard. He was the only human, living in the forest but he has many animals who lives with him. One day, Jack felt so lonely. He felt there was something missing in his life in that moment. He was not able to work the whole day and slept through the whole night. The day came when jack decided to leave his home and got to travel. He was desperate to found out what was that missing piece to complete the picture of his life. And then, His journey has begun. Along his journey, while looking at the sky, he didn’t realized that someone was also on his way and eventually they bumped on each other that made the two fall. Jack: Hey, are you blind? Can’t you see I’m walking in this road you crazy woman? Shaira: What? Me, crazy woman? How dare you to say it to me! Don’t you know that I am the†¦.. Before she could say it, she remembered that she must maintain her identity hidden. So Jack: know what crazy lady? Shaira: ahhh that I’m also walking in this road. And it is your fault why it happened not me. Jack: and now it’s my fault! Whoa, nice one but I have to go. I don’t like to waste my time talking to a nonsense and crazy old lady like you. Shaira: Grrrhhhhhhhhhh However, the sky starts to pour rain. It was a hard one. Thunder roars and lightning strikes. So jack ran off to find a place where he could take shelter for a while until the rain will stop. Meanwhile, Shaira was so afraid that she could not move her body while keeping her ears closed. She was afraid of thunders and lightings. Jack was moved woefully. He immediately helped her. And lead her to a shelter. A cave. Shaira: Thank You! Jack: No you don’t have to. By the way, the rain is heavy outside. I think we should stay here until morning. It might be dangerous to travel. Unless If you don’t mind being with me? Shaira: I guess you’re right. I have to stay here until morning. (She smile happily. ) Jack: Good! So, good night. Have a wonderful night hmmh, you are..? Shaira: Oh! By the way I’m Shaira. And? Jack: Jack! Call me Jack for short. (And he smiles back. ) Shaira: So, nice to meet you Jack. Jack: Same here! (While preparing the woods to be burn in order to give them warm in that cold winter night. Shaira: Goodnight Jack! She was not seeing jack at that moment because she already closed her eyes when she told it. She was sad because she didn’t received any response by Jack. However, she realized that they are just both strangers to each other and any attachment would mean something that is bad or might lead to coercion. After an hour, Shaira felt there was something wrong. So she aroused up, and see if Jack is Okay. And her great shocked, Jack was not there! Shaira: Oh no! Jack! Jack! Jack! Where are you? Please don’t leave me! Please! I’m scared. It was dark inside the cave. But she faced it bravely. Shaira runs off to find Jack. She was crying heavily. Until she heard something. Someone is screaming out of pain! Shaira: Jack, is that you? Jack? Jack? Please answer me Jack! And a loud voice echoed in the cave. Shaira was terrified. Shaira think that there are ghost in the cave. She felt afraid again. However, that was just a false alarm. Actually Jack was just having a hard time releasing his waste. That’s why he had to shout out because it is big, really a big dechets. Jack: Oh, thanks God. I feels so relieved. As he tightens his belt, Shaira took the chance to see who was there. And to her surprise she saw Jack. Jack: Shaira, what are you doing here? Shaira: I should be the one asking that question. What are you doing here Jack? Jack: Me? Doing here? Oh! Common. I have to release my dechets because I cannot hold it any longer. So, I walked and find a place where I could have my moment. And I found this place. Isn’t it nice so? Shaira: Never mind. Let’s go back now. Jack: Ok. But before they could step up, Shaira saw something and it is going to hit Jack. Shaira: Jack, watch out! Jack immediately shook his body off as fast as he could. He turned his head and he was extremely shock of what he saw. Do you know what he saw? Do you really want it so bad? Just sit back, and relax. So, Jack saw his dechets moving. Yeah, his dechets! And the most shocking event is, when his dechets talks. What a shocking dechets it would be! Jack: Am I hallucinating or am I just dreaming? Ok! (He slapped his faced once, then again, and again! ) Ouch! That hurts. Dechets: Yeah, it really hurts, you know! Jack: Oh my God. Can you really talk? Shaira: What happened? Jack: See that, it was talking. My dechets is talking. Shaira: Yeah I know that. Jack: You know? But how? Shaira: I heard it too that’s why I knew. Dechets: Bupools! Jack: Yeah, you’re right. Dechets: So, what are you doing in this cave? Shaira: It is raining heavily outside so we stopped and found this place to shelter us until morning, until the rain stop. Dechets: Is that so? Then you’re always welcome here! Shaira: Thank You! Dechets: Back to you Jack. Thank you! Jack: For what? Dechets: For releasing me? Now I’m free, free at last! No, actually thank you for contributing to the environment. You did a good job. Jack: Are you serious? Dechets: Yeah, 100% sure. You want to know why? Jack: If you let us to know, then why not. Dechets: Good. Have a sit. And you too my lady. Shaira: Thank You. The dechets starts telling a story. In living organisms, phosphorus is†¦. Jack: Phosphorus? What is that? I don’t even know or heard about that? Dechets: Jack listen first. I will tell you all about phosphorus in an easy manner for you two to understand. Ok? Shaira: He’s right Jack. We have to listen first. Jack: I guess so, but†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ Dechets: No buts, just listen Ok! In living organisms, phosphorus is an essential components of cells. For example, it makes up part of the head groups in the phospholipids of all cellular membranes. Phosphorus is also found abundantly in the nucleus, where it forms part of the chemical backbone of DNA and RNA. How do organisms acquire phosphorus? The main stores of phosphorus in the biosphere are found in Earth’s crust. With weathering, rocks release phosphorus in the form of phosphate. The phosphate enters the soil, where plants take it in through their roots. When animals eat plants, they incorporate the plants’ phosphorus into their own bodies. When plants, animals, and other organisms die or release wastes, as what you’ve done to me, phosphorus becomes available to decomposers, such as fungi and bacteria. The decomposers break down the tissues and release phosphate into the soil, where plants can take it up again. From the land, phosphorus enters rivers and oceans by runoff, leaching, or in the cells of living organisms. Once in the ocean, phosphorus enters the marine food chain. A single phosphorus atom might cycle between the water and the bodies of organisms for an average of 100,000 years before it finally falls to the ocean bottom as sediment, forming new rocks. Phosphorus can remain trapped in sediment for 100 million years or more. Unlike elements in the carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen cycles, phosphorus does not cycle through the atmosphere. Instead, it has a sedimentary cycle. Phosphorus in the ocean sediments must be lifted by geological forces to reach Earth’s surface again, where the cycle can continue. Humans have changed the natural phosphorus cycle by activities such as mining and fertilizing. Fertilizer contains abundant phosphorus, which enters the environment. Sewage treatment plants add extra phosphorus to rivers, lakes and oceans. Extra phosphorus can put some organisms, such as algae, at a growth advantage, and thereby upset the balance of organisms in an ecosystem. Jack: Ahhh, now I knew. Phosphorus really is essential to all living things. Without it, living things might not be possible. Shaira: Yes Jack. Phosphorus plays many roles in our environment and we have to maintain its balance in our ecosystem. Dechets: Yes, that’s right Shaira. But, as what you’ve said Shaira we have to maintain its level, because any excess will bring danger to our environment. Jack: Danger? What danger? Dechets: Human interference in the phosphorus cycle occurs by overuse or careless use of phosphorus fertilizers. This results in increased amounts of phosphorus as pollutants in bodies of water resulting in  eutrophication. Eutrophication devastates water ecosystems. Although the net effect as a carbon sequestration mechanism is minimal, the ecological impact of phosphorus fertilization to the ocean could be extreme. Given the other assaults on marine ecosystems, including warming, and acidification of surface ocean waters from higher carbon dioxide levels, it would be pure speculation to project how P eutrophication would affect ecosystem structure and distribution in the future.